Navigating Challenges: VMU Alumni Discuss Resilience and Optimism


On the occasion of VMU Alumni Day, we invite graduates, students, and the VMU community to the discussion “Resilience and Optimism of VMU Alumni around the World”, which will take place on November 10.


Discussion “Resilience and Optimism of VMU Alumni around the World”

When: November 10, Friday, 15.00 – 17.00

Where: Putvinskio g.23, aud. 103, Kaunas

Format: in-person and online

Language: English


This event is tailored for:

  • Present foreign full-time and exchange students
  • VMU international alumni
  • VMU community

The discussion “Resilience and Optimism of VMU Alumni around the World” features the valuable perspectives of VMU international graduates and covers three main pillars:

Learn or earn; both are best. If neither, quit. VMU alumni will share their experience of the job-searching process after graduation, their first workplace, learning and earning the money, challenges, firing/quitting/career change, and all ups and downs with the bottom line: Resilience and Optimism helped them to become who they are now.

Entering the Lithuanian job market after graduation for foreign graduates. This sub-topic holds tips and insights for current students from VMU alumni who are currently living and working in Lithuania. Opportunities for current students.

Academic career path insights. VMU alumni will share their career paths as PhD students. Their ups and downs, tips, and tricks for current students. Features of working on a dissertation. Funding. Resilience and Optimism as skills for the researchers. Challenges, such as the competitive nature of academia, potential job market fluctuations, work-life-research balance considerations, and the evolving landscape of academic institutions. 

Meet our speakers – international VMU graduates:

Nargiz Hajiyeva Dr. (Azerbaijan) is an alumna of the Political Science and Diplomacy Master’s programme (2015 - 2017).

Topic: “A Journey of Scientific Empowerment: From Lithuania to the World”.

Current position: Ph.D., Political Scientist, Director of "Organization of Scientific Activities" Unit, Chair of Women Researchers Council (WRC), Academic lecturer on Political Leadership and Political Science, Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC), Director of "Empirical Methods" Working Group, Swiss Political Science Association (SPSA), Switzerland.

Format of participation: online.

Hanna Rusinava (Belarus) is an alumna of the Political Science and Diplomacy Master’s programme (2018 - 2020).

Topic: “Union state agreement’s implications for Belarus”.

Current Position: journalist at Belsat TV, Belarusian independent television.

Format of participation: in-person.

Hüseyin Ograk (Turkey) is an alumnus of the Marketing and International Commerce Master’s programme (2017 - 2019).

Topic: “Entering the Lithuanian job market after graduation for foreign graduates”.

Current position: Head of PPC position at Hostinger.

Format of participation: in-person.

Maka Berulava (Georgia) is an alumna of the International Politics and Development Bachelor's programme (2019 - 2023).

Topic: “Academic career path insights”.

Current position: Master's student at University College London (programme: Russian and Post-Soviet Politics).

Format of participation: in-person or online.

Moderator: Bohdan Polovynko, the 2nd year master's student of Diplomacy and International relations. Former Trainee at the Education Training and Exercise division of the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence. Currently working on energy security-related research.


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See you at VMU Alumni Day!